Upgrading The Hard Drive In Your Play Station 3
Good news for Play Station 3 users: You do not have to stay for the puny 20 or 40 GB hard disk that accompany your PS3. The Play Station 3 allows you to take out and hot-swap your hard disk, and it's not too hard to do. What this means is as you are able to upgrade your PS3 HDD to around a 200 GB hard disk, and maybe even more. You can keep more data from your games, files and other kinds of media in your Play Station 3 gaming console without making any major changes.

The Play Station 3 users'manual actually informs you how to complete it. You will find three pages in the manual letting you know step-by-step just how to upgrade your hard disk, and in addition it informs you that you will not void your warrantee, unless the newest hard disk causes damage to the console somehow, which isn't likely. However, it warns that when you have to take the console in to have fixed, you need to put the old hard disk back in.

All you need to complete it's a couple of screwdrivers and the right kind of hard disk to place in. The PS3 can take any 2.5 mm SATA hard drive. Those individuals who have upgraded already warn that it will not take the normal IDE Notebook hard disk, it takes to become a 2.5 SATA. The PS3 has a 5,400 RPM hard disk, in order that speed will continue to work best, although other speeds have been successfully used.

The process only takes about two minutes to complete, and is really simple that anything with opposable thumbs could get the work done. (It isn't recommended that PS3 owners put this to the test; for best results, it should be done with a human).

You simply open a small plastic flap on the trunk of the machine. There will be one screw to open the flap, and then four screws inside that may release the drive cage. Take out the old one and place in the newest, and you will end up ready to go. You still might want to have a consider the manual before you start tinkering. When you turn the console back on, it will already recognize the newest drive and ask you if you want to format it. Keep in mind that formatting your new hard disk will erase any of your saved PSN codes free games that are on there.

Upgrading the hard disk in your PS3 won't allow it to be play any faster or better, nonetheless it gives your machine far more storage capacity. Some PS3 owners have managed to improve their storage capacity to around 200 GB, and others are usually to push that capacity higher.

The capability to upgrade your PS3 is a superb feature of the system. You can spend less by obtaining the 20 GB unit and then pushing it up. It's a straightforward job, but reference your users'manual first to be sure you're on the right track.
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